File Monitor
Watch a folder or folders, and trigger actions when new files arrive, or files are deleted or changed
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Monitor Files

File Monitor is a solution for constantly monitoring folders and files, taking necessary actions when new files are added to the folders. These actions can be fully customized and automated. File Monitor can automatically trigger these custom actions including running a second program with the new files that have been added. These features can be used in a wide variety of situations such as processing incoming FTP files, distilling PDF files and data-mining incoming files. Email attachments can be automatically processed as soon as they are saved to the disk and new files may by loaded into a database. File Monitor makes it possible to easily and quickly trigger and carry out business processes as soon as files are created. This saves time and helps to decrease the risk of human error.
Decide Which Folders to Watch

Give one or more folders to watch, and a listof file types. You can also watch FTP sites, you can process any files left over from a previous run, you can poll network locations, and wait for exclusive access.

File Monitor will only process files when they have been fully written to the disk. This means that files will not and cannot be processed prematurely. This is especially useful when larger files such as huge video files which are often several gigabytes in size are being copied to the disk. Files which exist when you first start File Monitor may also be processed. This is particularly useful for picking up and processing files which were created on the disk when File Monitor was inactive, such as is the case if you restart the system.

The program will process files which match the file specifications required such as TXT and HTML files. All other files can be ignored as configured. Users can also configure File Monitor to watch multiple folders or drives simultaneously. Subfolders can be handled using checkboxes to configure which folders need to be monitored by the software. 
Decide What Action to Trigger

On the Action tab you decide what command should be run. You can also decide if File Monitor should group files together that arrive in a time window.

You can point to a .vbs or .bat file that performs different actions depending on which folder the files arrived in.

File Monitor has a lot of flexiilbity in how the filenames are passed to the Action. They can be processed individually or, if preferred, they can be grouped together.

Watch the Log!

As File Monitor detects new files, changed or deleted files, you ca watch what it does, including exit codes of triggered jobs, watch it waiting for files to be finished writing etc

The Log is Unicode-aware so non-English filenames are shown correctly.

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