Melbourne, Australia - DataMystic announces the latest release of File Monitor - its folder monitor that triggers new tasks when files arrive (such as via FTP).

File Monitor 2.9 monitors a set of folders and subfolders, waiting for new files to arrive. When files are complete (essential for processing huge video files), it triggers one action per file or group of files, such as copying, emailing, printing, archiving, image processing etc.

File Monitor can now directly monitor FTP sites for new files, and can also poll (repeatedly check) network locations that run older file systems that don't support file event notifications.

File Monitor is highly efficient - taking very little Windows resources to run. It also can recover from network timeouts. A full log is kept of all actions.


File Monitor can be downloaded from its website, . The Standard version is US$24.95, Server version US$195. Multi-user discounts and software bundles are available.

System Requirements

File Monitor runs on Microsoft Windows runs under Windows 7 and x64, Vista, Vista 64, 2008/2003 Server, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 95/98 with 5 MB free disk space. The download file is 3.6 MB. Memory usage: 8MB.

About The Company

Founded in 1990, DataMystic has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and has thousands of customers worldwide, including Bank of America, NASA, US Department of Energy. Its charter is to provide ITprofessionals with time saving data analysis tools. In addition to File and Folder Watcher, DataMystic offers:

* TextPipe Pro, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple text files in a single operation;

* ExcelPipe, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple Excel spreadsheets in a single operation;

* WordPipe, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple Word documents in a single operation;

* DetachPipe, a program to detach, delete and compress attachments from large email accounts, while maintaining a clickable link to the documents;

* DataPipe, a utility that makes it easy to search and replace information in live databases;

* and other productivity software for Windows.


Contact: Simon Carter
Title: CEO
Company: DataMystic, 5 Bond St, Mt Waverley, Victoria 3149, Australia
Tel: +61-3-9913-0595



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